GLO:BLOCK Holder Air Freshener GLO:BLOCK GLO:BLOCK Fibre Block GLO:BLOCK Holder GLO:BLOCK Holder GLO:BLOCK Holder


  • Use of less biocide-containing and cheaper deodorizers is possible
  • Less problems with waste water treatment plants
  • Resistant even at high temperatures


  • 100% odour neutralization through natural, essential oils
  • Pleasant additional fragrance with natural lemon
  • Lasts up to 4–8 weeks, depending on temperature
  • Greater service intervals are no longer a problem
  • Easy and quick installation on the service tour by the driver
  • CFC-free, non-toxic and VOC-compliant
  • Proven versus odours of urine, faeces, sulphur, ammonia, vomit, garlic, cigarettes, corpses, chlorine and decay
  • Over 50 purely natural essential oils, no synthetic oils that only mask

Available colours

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Technical specifications
Height65 mm
Width52 mm
Depth19 mm

In detail

The product for the removal of unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours in mobile toilets, trailers or containers can occur especially in warm summer months. Even with the use of sanitary blue products, the odour of urine can’t be destroyed. We rely on the products and active ingredients of Vaportek. This ensures better air in your company, wherever stench and unpleasant odours are spreading.

The environmentally friendly mode of action, with which Vaportek effectively and permanently eliminates odours, has convinced us. That’s why we like to offer you our 100% guarantee plus impeccable customer service and fair prices.

Vaportek combines environmentally friendly dry evaporation or wet misting with natural essential oils. This clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. Our tried and tested method effectively neutralizes unpleasant odours – instead of simply masking them

The products

The hard fibre block soaked with the patented active ingredient mixture and additional natural Lemon to create a pleasant atmosphere in mobile toilets.

The holder for the hard fibre block made of PP and fixed with an industrial double-sided adhesive tape inside the toilet on the backwall above the toilet seat.