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GLOBAL Fusion perspektivisch

Portable toilet

  • Corner fixings integrated into front panel
  • Smooth surfaces for advertising
  • Increased door height for better accessibility


Available colours


Technical specifications
Height2290 mm
Width1100 mm
Depth1200 mm
Weight80 kg
MaterialUV-resistant Polyethylene
Transport details
20" container, 250 litres tank40 cabins unassembled / 12 cabins assembled
40" HC/13,6 m truck, 250 litres tank80 cabins unassembled / 24 cabins assembled
20" container, flushing tank35 cabins unassembled / 12 cabins assembled
40" HC/13,6 m truck, flushing tank65 cabins unassembled / 24 cabins assembled
3different hand wash stations10different tank models
+12different coloursYourlogo moulded into the side panel

In detail

GLOBAL Fusion in detail

Tougher by design

When designing the GLOBAL Fusion we “designed in” a strong and simple method to connect door front and side panel without the need for separate corner moulding extrusions. The result is enhanced grip for easy handling and a reduction in transit damage. Further novel features include a high door frame for better accessibility even when wearing a hard hat and a sturdy hover handle for those who prefer not to sit on the seat.

The side panels are thermoformed with large, smooth, easily-cleaned surfaces for your stickers or advertising messages. All rivets are completely covered, and we’ve also allowed the option for your company logo or any other details to be directly moulded into the side panels during the production process, granting your portable toilets an individual appearance.

The GLOBAL Fusion meets all requirements of the toilet standard DIN EN 16194.




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