GL4200 Fresh Tank GL4200 Fresh Tank GL4200 Fresh Tank GL4200 Fresh Tank GL4200 Fresh Tank GL4200 Fresh Tank
GL4200 Fresh Tank

Construction trailer
GL4200 Fresh Tank

  • Mobile office with fresh water toilet on 10 m²
  • No water/sewage connection required
  • Optional with solar package


  • 400 liters freshwater tank
  • 1500 liters wastewater tank
  • Lightweight foldable stairs
  • Interior toilet with ceramic fittings
  • Großer Aufenthaltsbereich


Technical specifications
Height inside2150 mm
Total height2850 mm
Width inside2404 mm
Total width2470 mm
Length inside4200 mm
Length with drawbar5780 mm
Capacity fresh water400 l
Capacity waste water1500 l
Weight3500 kg

In detail

GL4200 Fresh Tank

The mobile office with fresh water toilet

With a waste water tank capacity of 1500 liters and a freshwater tank capacity of 400 liters, this trailer is independent of a water connection. The water-flushed toilet and the hand-washing sink made of ceramic ensure maximum hygiene and comfort during use. At the same time, the lightweight staircase, foldable for transport, provides safe and convenient access to the trailer.

But what really sets our construction trailer apart is its use as a mobile office. With its generous space and comfortable interior, this trailer is perfect for on-site meetings, presentations or simply as a quiet workspace. And with the optional battery and solar package, you can use it even in the most remote locations and ensure an uninterrupted power supply.