Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh, Ladies compartment Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh, Mens compartment
Toilet Trailer GL 2400 fresh

Toilet Trailer
GLOBALINER 2400 fresh

  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Towable by car


  • Lighting
  • Industrial flooring
    Industrial flooring
  • Cold Water
  • White and grey interior
  • Flushing valves
  • Wall mounted toilets

Available colours


Technical specifications
Height2800 mm
Width, inside1680 mm
Width, outside1750 mm
Total width incl. wheels2350 mm
Length2400 mm
Weight750 kg
MaterialSandwich panels
Customexterior design with vinyl wrap Flooringin desired colour
Custominterior fittings Differentcolours for urinals available

In detail

GLOBALINER 2400 in detail

Toilet trailer with 1 female and 1 male cubicle

The GLOBALINER 2400 fresh is our entry-level toilet trailer. Its compact size makes the GLOBALINER 2400 well suited for short-term use at events or where space is limited. Each ladies and gents compartment are fitted with a ceramic toilet pan and hand wash basin whilst the male cubicle also features a urinal.

For guaranteed quality we manufacture our own sandwich panels, which we can customise with a vinyl wrap of your choice. If you have specific requirements, alternative interior fittings are available.




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