New production facility in Doebeln, Germany, GLOBAL Fahrzeugbau August 2018

New production facility

The world needs more premium toilet trailers. So why not produce them ourselves and have full control over the desired quality? That was our thought when we decided to expand capacities and even fabricate our own sandwich panels.

At our new site GLOBAL Fahrzeugbau at Döbeln, Germany we now build toilet trailers from ground to top in-house and have access to years of experience when it comes to trailer construction.

Here we fabricate various types of sandwich panels as well as kits for box bodies besides of our GLOBALINER toilet trailers.

In case you are eager to visit our new site, find us here:

GLOBAL Fliegenschmidt GmbH
GLOBAL Fahrzeugbau
Zschepplitzer Str. 22
04720 Döbeln