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Handwaschstand GLOBAL Duo

Hand wash station

  • Two wash basins
  • Easily-cleaned water tanks
  • Stackable for transport


Available colours


Technical specifications
Height1150 mm
Width1100 mm
Depth600 mm
Weight40 kg
MaterialUV-resistant Polyethylene
Capacity fresh water180 litres
Capacity waste water180 litres

In detail

GLOBAL Duo in detail

Freestanding, portable hand wash station

The GLOBAL Duo offers hand washing space for two users at the same time with twin, diagonally opposite hand washbasins. Using the industry-standard foot pump to dispense water from the 180-litre fresh water tank, water is dispensed for hand washing: grey water drains into the matching 180 litre waste tank inside the sink body. With a lockable, lifting lid, both tanks are easily accessed to fill, sanitise or empty. Overall, a superb mobile solution for events, which helps to free up single portable toilets.

With integral lifting handles, which also serve as guides for loading straps, Duo sinks can be stacked in pairs: For storage and transport, 4 Duo sinks fit on the same floor space as one portable toilet.

The GLOBAL Duo is rotationally moulded from polyethylene.




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