February 2024

The new evolutionary stage of portable toilets

The GLOBAL Focus portable toilet is not just another sanitation solution. It’s the next generation of our portable toilets. With many innovative features, it’s designed to be easier to transport, handle, and clean, addressing common concerns associated with portable restrooms.

The GLOBAL Focus is more than just a pretty face. Its redesigned roof adds to its aesthetic appeal and provides practical benefits. It’s engineered for easy cleaning and to withstand the rigors of frequent relocation, a testament to our commitment to quality and longevity.

Accessibility has been significantly improved in the GLOBAL Focus model. The door is wider and taller than traditional portable toilets, ensuring comfortable access for all users, including those with mobility aids. This design consideration is a step toward making portable toilets more inclusive and user-friendly.

Understanding the importance of durability and security, the GLOBAL Focus has heavy-duty hinges that promise to endure the constant wear and tear of public use. This enhancement improves the toilet’s resilience and provides users with a sense of reliability and safety.

Moreover, the toilet features an adjustable closing mechanism, allowing customization according to specific needs and conditions. This thoughtful addition ensures that the door can be securely closed in various environments, from windy open-air events to bustling construction sites, enhancing user privacy and comfort.

The GLOBAL Focus portable toilet is a game-changer in the industry, offering an elevated experience to both operators and end-users. Its innovative features are a testament to the brand’s dedication to improving sanitation standards and accessibility in temporary outdoor settings.