May 2022

The hottest toilet trailer for the summer

After two long years, we are delighted that events finally pick pace again. And that’s precisely why we have the most exciting toilet trailer of the year for you. You set it up at the venue, and thanks to the self-sufficient concept, you don’t have to worry about media lines. All you have to do is pick it up afterward.

We proudly introduce the GL2800 VAC Solar


GL2800 VAC Solar

Autarkic operation without any compromises

We developed the GL2800 VAC Solar toilet trailer to save you as much time as possible for your service.

Thanks to our vacuum technology, 90 % less water is needed per flush than in conventional systems. In combination with capacities of 400 liters of fresh water and 800 liters of wastewater, the GL2800 VAC Solar reaches over 400 uses without any need for service in between.

With the installed battery pack (600 Ah), the lighting achieves a usage time of 72 hours without recharging. However, the usage time can be significantly extended by recharging via the installed solar system (maximum power 700 Wp).
For better handling, we have designed the GL2800 VAC Solar to have the lowest possible empty mass (1160 kg) and a narrow body width of 1750 mm. You do not need any additional rear-view mirrors on your towing vehicle, and the trailer can be relocated with full wastewater tanks.

We answer your questions

If you are now curious and may have questions about our new GL2800 VAC Solar, we look forward to exchanging ideas with you. We will be happy to answer your questions and explain more details. Of course, you can find more information on our website.

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